Wrath of the Righteous

Where did Atiasi go?

and with Whom

“Gentlemen, I have somewhere to go. I did not Pilgrimage to Kenabres to only become a crusader for the city. Have no worry though, when you need them, you will have my spells. I do have something to look into of a private nature. If needed, I will be at Twenty One Lantern Lane. It is, or at least was, a two story brick house with a chimney.” with his statement, Atiasi turned to the door and walked out with his staff. Those who looked at him as he made his statement noticed something different about the staff. There was a large chunk of what looks like burnt crystal fused on the end of it.

Atiasi knew his parents were residents of Kenabres. He traveled here from the new Kingdom of the Mist Marches in hopes of finding his place in the world and fighting on the side of his Goddess Sarenrae. He also wanted to find a connection with his past with finding his parents and what it is with the birthmark over his heart.

He knew the house stood in the northern part of the Ring District. He only hoped it would still be standing. It would take some time to get there to see if it even existed. He would take the normal route as if nothing had happened to the city. His hopes were that the craters the demons caused did not bar his way too much. Atiasi felt lost. He was a stranger to the city before it was destroyed, but now, it’s all but alien. he knew he needed to get to the ring district but the streets were forced back onto them selves, buildings were toppled over blocking his way. He could not fly (yet) to get a birds eye view.
He was about to turn back when a feeling washed over him. a pull in this direction or that. It wasn’t his innate directional sense but something guiding him. He pushed a fallen door out of the way, revealing a side path next to a house, then up an untouched street, to the walls of the Ring district. The one of the gates were blown off its hinges, the other ripped down bringing with it part of the wall. There were bodies strewn all about. Few were whole. Most were gnawed upon to some degree or another.
“Don’t look at them”. Atiasi heard. He looked around to try and find who said it. None were left alive here. “They gave their lives to try to save many. They have Earned their rest.”
“Who’s There!!!” Called Atiasi.
“I’ve been apart of this city for many years. I know many of its secrets, if I could just… Remember”
Atiasi spun around looking for who was speaking to him. The words of his defensive shield spell came from his lips. A blue field of force shimmered in the air in front of him before it became a translucent distortion. “Again, I ask you, Who Is There! Who speaks to me?”
“I am defense, I am Knowledge, I am Strength. I… I’m… I’m what is left.”
“Left of what?” asked Atiasi, “The Last of the Demon’s who destroyed this Fair city? SHOW YOURSELF!!!”
“I’m not… I’m… I am in your Grasp young spell caster”.

Atiasi looked down at his staff. He remembered.

When they entered the chamber of the Wardstone, the witch in the cage could not stop Sturn’s advance directly to the ward stone. There was nothing she could do but watch as the Rod of Cancellation came into contact with the Stone. The world stopped for a moment. Then the Wardstone exploded, destroying the witch and all creatures in the room, save the hero’s. A fist sized chunk which was destined for Atiasi’s head was intercepted by his staff end which quickly fused to the iron capping it. There, the the fractured intelligence of the ward stone waited, and with Iomedae’s blessings, awoke.
(level 1 mythic feat: Legendary item)
Asitai (name in progress)
Quarter Staff made of Bronze Wood. capped with Iron. on the end is a smoky fist sized piece of crystal from the original Ward Stone.
Intelligent Item:
Int: 10, Wis: 10, Cha: 10
Senses: 30’
Alignment: Neutral Good.
3/ day: Protection from evil.
1/ day: Comprehend Languages
1/ day: See Alignment

With the help of the Ward stones knowledge of Kanebras, it took only an hour to make their way to Lantern Lane.
“Do you know who my parents were? Um, I have no idea what to call you. You are obviously intelligent. I’m not going to call you Staff, and not so arrogant to suggest Staff of Atiasi. Other than ‘the ward stone’ have you been called by any other name?”
The staff replied “I am more than just a piece of the Ward stone. I am an extension of you as well. If I remember, which is difficult, Sarenrae would not be outdone by Iomedae and kept apart of the ward stone whole. She also took a sliver of you soul to breath life into me. I am still awakening, but as you grow in power, I know I shall as well.
as to a name…”
Also, I know the city, and its inhabitance. Your parents were good people. That is all I know, for now. Perhaps when we arrive at their home.

The section of the city was blessedly untouched by the destruction wrought upon the city. There were a few pockets that survived. Not because of lack of intent, but lack of interest as there were few threats here. Some of the houses were thoroughly looted, but most were left standing. Fortunately was the case for Atiasi’s parents home.
“This is it” the staff said
“I’m aware. I feel like I’m violating their home. but this is my home as well. even if I have never stepped foot in there. I was carried as a baby.”

Atiasi opened the door with the key his adoptive parents gave him. Here was Months worth of Dust and growth. They must have had some sort of agreement to have someone come in and make sure the place was left standing, but not lived in by anyone else.

Meta what did he find?


The Staff pulled Atiasi forward down the stairs. “It is dark but I do not see,” the staff said. “I think only you can hear me now. I remember something here that should not be… something from your parents.” The mage sprung forth light at his fingers as the stale air of the cellar broke at his movement. The smell thick from years of dust and mold. He peered into the room, looking for movement. Only the soft disturbance of his breathing registered. “I recall… yes in the corner there!” The Staff inched toward the barren wall between two stones. “Here it is,” it announced. Atiasi commented, “you think it is behind the wall?” “It is the wall!” exclaimed the wood. Atiasi prepared his detect magic, peering into the weave of arcane energies. He slowly saw them resolved onto the stone on the left. Carefully he searched and removed the stone. Behind laid a cache of emergency supplies unspoiled over the years. Several potions of various use. Not enough time to review now, he gathered the 6 droughts into his sack and turned to go. “Ahem,” the staff said. “Do you need thanks, I am new to this talking stick thing.” “Stick? You sell me short,” it piqued, “I merely want you to remove the book.” The sorcerer was confused. There was no book. He glanced back between the hidden cache and the floor; only a brick. “Did you mean brick?” The staff responded, “I know a book when I see it.” Atiasi reached down to pick up the brick. His new examination of the object revealed careful craftsmanship to keep the journal in a non-magical glimmered state. He reviewed the contents but found them encrypted in an unknown tongue, but also filled with power. “I guess it is a book. I apologize for the mistake… wooden one.” The Staff buzzed in personified laughter. “You know, we really do need to give me a name”

Where did Atiasi go?

My problem now…

Where did Atiasi go?

My thought is , since it is an extension of Atiasi, just anagram his name… Asitai…

Where did Atiasi go?

Another name thought. Since it was the wardstone, which was in Kenabres, a twist on that. Kenabres Heart.. or Kenabres shield.

Where did Atiasi go?

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