Wrath of the Righteous

The Second Fall of Drezen

The Crusade's End

Aravashnial looked perplexed. The second elf in the room, Havik, was equally confused. The spell’s energy resolved on a single point against the portal wall but stood there in a fizzle. The few acolytes the Kenabres elf was able to steal away from the castle front lines were enough to enact the spell circle. Both wizards agreed they had the prepared the components correctly, without blood magic, to reopen the portal. Aravashnial imagined how advantageous a back door into the demon Worldwound could benefit the war. He also thought about it as a last resort for retreating from the surrounding hoards. Either way, he kept the fact that they were opening a portal away from regent Utenar Firebelly. He also lied to Havik about obtaining permission. Still, so close to solving it and all they could do was watch the energies fizzle into a single point.


The reinforcements from Kenabres pressed the eastern edge of the siege forces making the best out of the empty vesecavor caverns to pick off the lesser demons and hide from the stronger. Staged at the reclaimed chapel, the units were communicating with the commander in Drezen through encrypted send stones. Utenar Firebelly peered through the spy glass towards the east. “It might take a week but I am sure we will break their line for resupply.” He explained to Aron Kir and Horgus Gwerm

“A message from Nerosyan Sir!” The page handed the missive to the commander. Quickly unwrapping the seal from the encrypted send stone, the Dwarven hands unfolded the paper and rubbed its surface in disbelief. A ghostly look filled Ute’s face.

“What is it?” asked Kalfaren equally worried.

Utenar said all he could, “The Queen is dead.”


Havik warned his peer from touching the energy. Arivashnial’s curiosity drew him close the lingering spell. Havik stood back with the acolytes, tense over Arivashnial’s failure to recognize and equally uneasy about the unknown implications of cancelling the spell. The older elf peered into the void inside the energy pulse. Examining the ripples closely, he determined where the tear in space had started. Smiling at his success, he reached inside. A collective gasp came from Havik and the mages. “I think we have success,” the elder elf announced. Slowly the rift grew as Arivashnial stretched it with his hand. On the other side, a strange place, the abyss or maybe somewhere in the Worldwound, pushed itself into existence. Beyond the energies stood prepared, an army of demons ready to invade citadel Drezen from below.



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