Wrath of the Righteous

Awake in the Dark

They were alive. Unsure how it was possible from the hundreds of feet they have fallen, that mattered little now in the black. The two dwarven brothers could see each other clearly through the shouts, cries, and coughing darkness. Five other survivors made it through the collapsing carnage. One of them, a mage, created the magical light for the group. A frontier looking woodsman also stood unscathed next to a rather startled and dusty, large cat.

There was a woman, Anevia, of the group with a leg injury beyond their current healing abilities. Her attempts at walking failed but the group was able to splint the leg The elf, Aravashnial, held severe burns and was blind but overall offered positive if somewhat confused leadership. The merchant, Horgus, was quick to ask aid from the adventures. It soon became apparent that although the adventurers did not know one another, they were all spared. The other three however, held a sense of animosity to one another that did not help. Some discussion later, the group determined to make it back to the surface and join whatever battle was raging above.

One of the dwarfs kept track of a looming image in the darkness, unsure if it was alive. As soon as the group was able, they set out of the cavern. Discovering the large mass to be the carcass of a giant spider, the group quickly squashed the vermin it was feeding. Further inspection of their surroundings revealed that their path out was a straight and narrow one. The injured slowed the group down and even simple terrain made travel treacherous. Horgus was quick to point this out at every opportunity. The sorcerer was quick to intimidate or the inquisitor performed his own “intimidation”. It only fostered more vitriol later from the merchant.

Snakes and crumbling caverns later, the group discovered a shrine to Torag in seemingly the most improbably place under ground. The only thing the shrine held was its former preist in the form of a Huecuva. Forgetting about the giant fly left outside, most of the group fought to destroy the beast. Meanwhile the fly roamed to and fro from the blind Aravash and the prestidigitated waste. Somewhere in the chaos, Horgus tried to leave the group once more only to have the druids pet hiss and snarl him back into compliance. One of the drawfs attempted to clean the shrine but failed to remember the rites needing to be performed.

Several hours later, and perhaps a mile of travel, the sorcerer felt brave enough to look into a small opening. His reward was almost met with a small face as a large arm reached back from the hole to grab the adventures. Several axe swings later, one of the drawfs struck the beast’s arm only to be rewarded with toxic nocuous blood. The group quickly made there way past the gasses and discovered a monument to those of the first crusade. Almost a dozen stoic statues stood inside the large cavern. While describing the first crusade, Aravash was interrupted with the movement of darkmantles on the ceiling. Confusing on what to do when the mantles grappled, the group slowly defeated their foe only to be greeted by a laughter in the following cavern…

450 Dru
350 Narl
350 Mand
400 Utar


Out of character I started thinking that the little drama that was unfolding could provide positive and negative impacts, depending on how we related to the NPC’s. Now, whether or not to make nice with the Merchant, or move him to Hostile.

In Character Utenar makes a mental note, and maps out how to get back to the shrine, expecting that he or another of Torag’s devoted will come back to consecrate it.

Awake in the Dark

The NPC attitudes have changed…

Awake in the Dark

OOC Just to make sure, we’ll be rolling initiative at the beginning of the game Saturday?

Awake in the Dark

OOC – hmm… that didn’t work as planned and cannot seem to delete. Go here instead pic.twitter.com/k2kVSCcUjj

Awake in the Dark

meta So long as the DM gets the same blessing.

Awake in the Dark

Since we have yet to get a new post yet, I’m asking on this one.
“It appears we have found our way up. Do we go to join battle against the Abyssinian forces, or do we stay to clear out this section of the underground? It will help our new friends also join the battle up topside if we do stay.
More people who can fight, the better our chances would be.
I doubt their defences are focused right now, and if we wait, they’ll only be able to defende their home better.
I say we stay, what say you?”

Awake in the Dark

I believe that we invaded their territory, not the other way around. Obviously with good reason, but I believe we were defending ourselves. I do not think we have further reason to wipe out this clan of Mongrelmen, and I believe it is more important for us to head out and find out what state the “world” is in.

Awake in the Dark

I yearn for the top side as well, however, these poor souls have be corrupted by those cultists we’ve found. I would suggest we either try to convert them, Inquitor, or not leave enemies at our backs.

Awake in the Dark


The cultist lair has been cleared out. The denizens of Neatholm will soon join the battle topside once called. First things first, survey your surroundings, assist your broken comrades, investigate the insurgency, find safe haven and where the city defense is being mounted.

Awake in the Dark

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