Wrath of the Righteous

A New Supper

...or a heart to heart

I think we should all come together as characters to discuss the destruction of the Wardstone, and what has happened to our characters. I would think this would happen after the queen arrived. Atiasi would want to gather the companions together.

The afternoon was getting toward evening when the brothers arrived in the antechamber. Atiasi was lucky to be able to find a small keg of dwarven ‘Holy Water’. There was a meager meal with a bottle of wine.

“We are sorry to ask you here friends. Friends… A week ago, we didn’t know of your existences. Now we’ve been thrust into the centerpiece of now, this fifth crusade. The light of freedom if you will.

We know that Iomedae or the wardatone has bestowed upon us gifts, or a strength of sorts. There is no denying what we experienced. It has affected us in different ways. We, for one have splintered. The magic sings in our veins, but a part of us has been shaved off to create the living staff we hold." Atiasi smiles at what he is about to say. “We’ve had a difficult time coming up with a name for it.”

“The crystal fused to the end is the heart of what was.the wardstone. Sarenrae, not to be outdone by Iomedae, gave it to us, when she took a piece of my soul to breath life into us again. The staff remembers things of the past, and of the enemy we face. We will grow together, and remember more. This is why we… I’ve been speaking in plural. We’re not insane. But now as well, our Magic is more potent. We can push more into castings. It’s stronger.”

“So I ask you… What are your gifts? What have you discovered in this short time?”



As a GM, I have a whole new bag of evil to throw your way. I am glad to have a talking staff to hit Atiasi once in a while with and I see Utenar is the Marshal character… what is up with that metal around his head?

A New Supper

Queen Galfrey also made note to award each of you a medal of distinction (choose one that is applicable and let me know).

Righteous Medal of Valor: This medal looks like a demonic skull, the top of which has been pierced by four red-hilted swords. It is awarded to a hero who delivers a death blow to a demon whose CR is at least 1 higher than the hero’s character level. This medal is associated with Strength and grants a +2 sacred bonus to CMD.

Righteous Medal of Clarity: This circular blue medal depicts a pair of feminine gray eyes surrounded by a circular silver lightning bold. It is awarded to a hero who recovers vital information of great use against the Worldwound and delivers this intelligence to the crusaders. This medal is associated with Intelligence and grants a +2 sacred bonus on saves against insanity or confusion effects.

Righteous Medal of Vigor: This hexagonal medal depicts a white castle on a field of red with gold trim. It is awarded to a hero who is reduced to negative hit points by a demon but survives and rejoins the battle before that demon is defeated. This medal is associated with Constitution and grants a +2 sacred bonus on saves against death effects.

A New Supper

Do any of those apply to any of us, per those requirements? I think only the vigor one would count, if I remember correctly. And what constitutes a ‘death blow’ – the actual hit that drops the thing? What were the CRs of the demons we killed, and who delivered that specific blow?

A New Supper

I think we all brought information about the enemies which are pouring out of the world wound. So the clarity one fits us all. Dretches are only cr 2, but the babau are CR 6 so we got that. but I don’t think any of us dropped under our HP when fighting demons.

I would take the clarity one. “We are not insane”.

A New Supper

I think Gnarl got pretty down there but they were all level six demons, you were level 4ish. And yes, if you did not provide the last kill shot to a demon you can take the clarity medal.

A New Supper

Then Sturn believes that he has earned the Righteous Medal of Clarity, and yet he only admits to it when pressed on the issue some – he’s not in it for the bling; he’s on a holy crusade. And yet he’s LG, and he knows what he did, and so if the description is given and he is asked in some way, he admits, with great humility, that he does fit that description.

“Gifts? I am alive; I met the goddess and know with certainty I enjoy her favor; and I have trustworthy, battle-hungry comrades. Those are all the gifts of which I am aware, and really all I need,” Sturn states with an easy smile when asked by Atiasi.

“Okay, and the fact that we’re going to move like a spear through the heart of these demon scum – I like that a lot, too.”

I figure that it wouldn’t be so obvious, given the mythic abilities I chose. Sturn will figure it out when the goddess grants him ludicrous speed during battle.

A New Supper

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