Kenabres is a city of glory, but not one of spotless virtue. The Mendevian Crusaders riding out from the city have slain countless demons, and many of them have carried back to town on their shields to be interred in the catacombs beneath the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell. However, some of these came crusaders—-many of them even immortalized in the Hall of Heroes—-spent years hunting supposedly demon-tainted faiths and burning at the stake cultists and innocent Mendevians alike. The frequency and intensity of these pogroms have diminished, but the dark history of Kenabres remains ever-present in the minds of its leaders and many of its citizens.

Kenebres hosts camps of crusaders who have come from all across the continent to battle demons. Though many of these crusaders are pure-hearted and noble of spirit, others are little more than fortune-seeking mercenaries. Still, none can deny the good deeds done by the knights of Kenabres under the direction of their zealous, strategically brilliant leader Hulrun.


  • Gate District – Northgate, Defender’s Heart, Librarium of the Broken Black Wing, Southgate, Crusader Camps
  • New Kenabres – Hall of Heroes, Tower of Estrod, Warehouse Square, Water Pump
  • Ring District – Alodae Amphitheater, The Kite, Truestone Park, Waller Slum, Water Pump
  • Old Kenabres – Cathedral of Saint Clydwell, Clydwell Plaza, Temple of Iomedae, Water Pump
  • Truestone Quarry


  • Blackfire Adepts
  • Crusaders
  • Riftwardens
  • Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth
  • Witch Hunters


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