Demon Lore

Five Things Everyone Knows About Demons

Demons come from the Abyss, a nightmare plane of constantly shifting landscapes where only the wickedest souls go.

  1. Some demons are capable of possessing mortals, and through these living vessels demons are able to wreak havoc on the Material Plane.
  2. Demons are chaotic and evil to the core. They are the embodiments of moral, mental, and physical corruption.
  3. Demons spawn from the sinful souls of chaotic beings. The sins of a mortal influence the nature and potential of the demon its soul might become.
  4. Demons are often summoned to Golarion by demon-worshiping cults. Such cults are typically reviled by civilized cultures and usually operate in secret.

“Say what you will about the devils, but at least they have their reasons. You can make a bargain with a devil, if you’re stupid enough, and he’ll keep it. Demons, on the other hand… they’re like mad dogs: sloppy, drooling, and dangerous. No goals, and no aspirations beyond their petty impulses. They’re the worst of us reborn, and there’s more of ’em every day.” -Targo Egoriax (Asmodean Demon Hunter)

Demon Defenses

Unlike many of Golarion’s homegrown monsters, demons come from an entirely alien plane of existence. This gives demon hunters a home field advantage while fighting on the Material Plane, but it also means their foes are dangerously unpredictable. Following are considerations that every demon hunter should keep in mind when engaging in combat with these fiends (Knowledge Planes checks to be performed later).

  • Damage Reduction
  • Energy Resistance
  • Poison
  • Summoning
  • Telepathy

Know Your Demons

The demons of the Abyss are varied, and the best demon hunters study their quarry extensively before launching themselves into battle against these fiends. The surrounding eight entries describe the most well-known and notorious demons, as well as offering key tactical suggestions for parties that know they’ll be facing off against these dreaded foes in the near future (Knowledge Planes checks to be performed later). Special anathematic substances for binding, calling, or torturing these demons can be researched as well as details on their masters and the cultists who serve them.

The Demonic Cycle
When a mortal dies, the soul flows through the River of Souls to the Great Beyond, where it is judged by Pharasma in the Boneyard to determine its final resting place. When the soul of a truly chaotic and sinful mortal is judged, it is often sent to the Abyss.
Upon arrival in the Abyss, a wicked soul transforms into a wriggling larva. These hapless cretures often serve as sustenance for various creatures that roam the Abyss, but some discover a destiny greater than nourishment. In time, a surviving Abyssal larva transforms into a full-fledged demon, the exact kind dependent on the manner and nature of the larva’s mortal sins.
Demons delight in corrupting mortals, for such perversion ensures a steady stream of larvae into the Abyss. These larve in turn transform into more demons, guaranteeing the perpetuation of a cycle that allos demons to continue to thrive.

Babau – Blood Demon
Born from the souls of murderers, babaus relish bloodletting and seek to slay as many mortals as they can, making excellent assassins.

Balor – Fire Demon
The mighty balor is a nightmare of demonkind, and woe betind any mortal forced to stand tall against this fiend’s beheading sword and burning lash.

Glabrezu – Treachery Demon
Born from the souls of traitors and liars, glabrezus are towering foes, both physically and intellectually.

Hezrou – Toad Demon
These foul creatures manifest from the souls of poisoners, vile alchemists, and polluters.

Invidiak – Shadow Demon
Forged from the souls of envious sinners, invidiaks lack bodies and seek to usurp those of mortals.

Marilith – Serpent Demon
Only the most arrogant and proud evil souls can trigger the creation of a marilith.

Succubus – Lust Demon
Temptresses of the Abyss, succubi rise from the souls of those who were slaves to lust in life.

Vrock – Wrath Demon
Violent, vulture-headed vrocks are forged from wrathful souls.

Demon Lore

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