Citadel Drezen

LG large town
Corruption -2; Crime -4; Economy -5; Law +3; Lore +0; Society -1
Qualities holy site, strategic location, tenacious
Danger +5
Disadvantages ruined

Government overlord
Population 2150 (1860 humans, 170 dwarves, 35 half-elves, 20 elves, 20 halflings, 15 aasimars, 10 gnomes, 10 half-orcs, 10 other)
Notable NPCs
High Priest Sosiel Vaenic (NG human cleric 7)
Irabeth Tirablade, Commander of Drezen(LG half-orc paladin 7)
Riftwarden Aravashnial(CG elf conjurer 5/riftwarden 3)
Spymaster Anevia Tirablade(CG human rogue 7)
Treasurer Horgus Gwerm(LN human aristocrat 4/rogue 2)
Warden Aron Kir(N human rogue 5/low Templar 2))
Prisoners Nurah Dendiwhar(CE Halfling bard 8), Jestak (CE human barbarian 10), Joran Vhane(NE dwarf cleric 6/fighter 2)

Base Value 2200gp; Purchase Limit 5000gp; Spellcasting 5th; Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6

Sword of Valor present
Ruined – decades of demonic rule, combined with recent mass combat, has ruined the city-most of the buildings bear damage, and it doesn’t currently have enough citizens to function at full capacity. (Economy -6; reduce purchase limit by 50%; reduce spellcasting by 2 levels; reduce available magic items in number to small town level [3d4 minor and 1d6 medium items])
Tenacious – despite its devastation, Drezen is now a bastion for law and goodness. (corruption -2; crime -2)

Citadel Drezen

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