Tag: hostile


  • Hosilla

    The failure to take Kenabres was not received well. Hosilla tried fending in Yathscar with the remaining cultist while waiting for orders. The haunted realm took its toll in body and mind. She is believed dead.

  • Staunton Vhane

    ...and the worms ate into his brain. Cold unflinching pain even in death was possible only for those who in life could not let go of the evil that corrupt ideals could bring.

  • Kiranda

    Kiranda has shown herself as an observant pawn and messenger of much more powerful beings. Sly and slippery, she has a way of escaping capture and slaughter again and again. Perhaps she is more aware than what she leads others to believe. Although …

  • Areelu Vorlesh

    One of the three architects of the world wound, having killed the other two, Areelu is obsessed with knowledge and power. Her recent investigations into demon lord power has put her at odds with the likes of balors and lesser demon gods. Still, she …