Wrath of the Righteous

A New Supper
...or a heart to heart

I think we should all come together as characters to discuss the destruction of the Wardstone, and what has happened to our characters. I would think this would happen after the queen arrived. Atiasi would want to gather the companions together.

The afternoon was getting toward evening when the brothers arrived in the antechamber. Atiasi was lucky to be able to find a small keg of dwarven ‘Holy Water’. There was a meager meal with a bottle of wine.

“We are sorry to ask you here friends. Friends… A week ago, we didn’t know of your existences. Now we’ve been thrust into the centerpiece of now, this fifth crusade. The light of freedom if you will.

We know that Iomedae or the wardatone has bestowed upon us gifts, or a strength of sorts. There is no denying what we experienced. It has affected us in different ways. We, for one have splintered. The magic sings in our veins, but a part of us has been shaved off to create the living staff we hold." Atiasi smiles at what he is about to say. “We’ve had a difficult time coming up with a name for it.”

“The crystal fused to the end is the heart of what was.the wardstone. Sarenrae, not to be outdone by Iomedae, gave it to us, when she took a piece of my soul to breath life into us again. The staff remembers things of the past, and of the enemy we face. We will grow together, and remember more. This is why we… I’ve been speaking in plural. We’re not insane. But now as well, our Magic is more potent. We can push more into castings. It’s stronger.”

“So I ask you… What are your gifts? What have you discovered in this short time?”

The Queen at the End of the World

The Queen stood over a table poured with notes, maps, and troop movements-some of which the adventurers recovered. She stood in armament fit for war in apparent full-plate, only the regalia underneath her vestment revealing her royalty. Looking up with peerless eyes, she leaned forward then motioned the group closer. A smile washed over her forlorn face, they could see the touches of time in wrinkles but her face still stood in beautiful contrast for a woman of war. Her hair long and braided, purple hidden in tucks underneath her helm. Her presence at once intimidating and soothing. Her age a mystery in appearance, she looked far younger than she should. Perhaps even the dwarven brother’s beards curled a bit at the feminine warrior; it would be impossible to tell if their cheeks blushed due to their red hair. Her rosy voice broke…

“While there are some narrow-minded souls among the crusade who blame you for the destruction of the wardstone boarder, I do not begrudge you for what you did. Far from it. From the sound of it, you saved entire legions of crusaders from a most vile fate by preventing Vorlesh from transforming them, and the blast of energy gave us the time we needed to regroup and prepare for what will certainly come next.” With measured tone, “But you understand the implications of what you done, I’m sure-the wardstones are gone, but Iomedae has seen fit that you will be their replacement. I can think of no other reason that would explain why their power would have settled in your bodies and souls and did not merely fade in the ether.”

Crossing her arms, “In time, the demons will regroup and reorganize-we can trust their inherit chaos to make this period of regrouping longer than it otherwise would take, but we should not underestimate them. They will be back soon enough. Already I have had reports from along the front lines that small groups of demons are attacking fortifications and settlements along the southern boarder.”

Standing upright with her left hand over her chin, tapping gingerly with her index finger, “But what intrigues me most is news from several reliable resources that as our fiendish enemies are starting to mass in the southern reaches along the Riftshadow within the Worldwound, they have left several of their northern lairs relatively unprotected. In particular, the fiend Aponavicius has taken the bulk of her army from Drezen, leaving it only moderately protected as she joins with teh Storm King in Iz to, no doubt, plot greater attacks on larger targets like Nerosyan, Karcau, and beyond.”

“The time is right to strike into their territory. Drezen was the first of our cities to fall after the First Crusade, and we lost more than our kin and our pride that day. We lost the Sword of Valor, a magical banner carried by the Inheritor herself during the Shining Crusade.” Grasping in a right fist, “If Drezen could be retaken-if the Sword of Valor could once again be held by the crusade… well I trust I do not need to explain how well that would affect morale.”

“But with the imminent attacks along the border, I cannot spare many to lead an assault on Drezen. And even if I could, a large army attacking the city would only draw Aponavicius back to defend the place. The obvious tactic is to send in a group of capable heroes with a modest but well-trained army to strike now, while the element of surprise is ours. And this is why I have sought you out. If you can retake Drezen and reclaim the Sword of Valor, not only will you silence the fools who would brand you traitors for destroying the wardstone, but more importantly, you would bolster the entire war effort with your heroism. And I fear we need all the bolstering we can get!”

Galfrey paused as her thoughts collected upon the task she laid out before the adventurers.

“Hope springs eternal and that is the reason why. The reason we love, we hold our children, we serve our fellow beings, the fact we breathe. The reason we fight the battles we do and suffer the loss.” A sad pause interceded as the she brushed herself, “Our sacrifice cannot go on forever. That is why I share my hope with you.”

“This is the dawn of the Fifth, and I believe final Crusade. Will you be Knights, Heroes of Kenabres?”

Where did Atiasi go?
and with Whom

“Gentlemen, I have somewhere to go. I did not Pilgrimage to Kenabres to only become a crusader for the city. Have no worry though, when you need them, you will have my spells. I do have something to look into of a private nature. If needed, I will be at Twenty One Lantern Lane. It is, or at least was, a two story brick house with a chimney.” with his statement, Atiasi turned to the door and walked out with his staff. Those who looked at him as he made his statement noticed something different about the staff. There was a large chunk of what looks like burnt crystal fused on the end of it.

Atiasi knew his parents were residents of Kenabres. He traveled here from the new Kingdom of the Mist Marches in hopes of finding his place in the world and fighting on the side of his Goddess Sarenrae. He also wanted to find a connection with his past with finding his parents and what it is with the birthmark over his heart.

He knew the house stood in the northern part of the Ring District. He only hoped it would still be standing. It would take some time to get there to see if it even existed. He would take the normal route as if nothing had happened to the city. His hopes were that the craters the demons caused did not bar his way too much. Atiasi felt lost. He was a stranger to the city before it was destroyed, but now, it’s all but alien. he knew he needed to get to the ring district but the streets were forced back onto them selves, buildings were toppled over blocking his way. He could not fly (yet) to get a birds eye view.
He was about to turn back when a feeling washed over him. a pull in this direction or that. It wasn’t his innate directional sense but something guiding him. He pushed a fallen door out of the way, revealing a side path next to a house, then up an untouched street, to the walls of the Ring district. The one of the gates were blown off its hinges, the other ripped down bringing with it part of the wall. There were bodies strewn all about. Few were whole. Most were gnawed upon to some degree or another.
“Don’t look at them”. Atiasi heard. He looked around to try and find who said it. None were left alive here. “They gave their lives to try to save many. They have Earned their rest.”
“Who’s There!!!” Called Atiasi.
“I’ve been apart of this city for many years. I know many of its secrets, if I could just… Remember”
Atiasi spun around looking for who was speaking to him. The words of his defensive shield spell came from his lips. A blue field of force shimmered in the air in front of him before it became a translucent distortion. “Again, I ask you, Who Is There! Who speaks to me?”
“I am defense, I am Knowledge, I am Strength. I… I’m… I’m what is left.”
“Left of what?” asked Atiasi, “The Last of the Demon’s who destroyed this Fair city? SHOW YOURSELF!!!”
“I’m not… I’m… I am in your Grasp young spell caster”.

Atiasi looked down at his staff. He remembered.

When they entered the chamber of the Wardstone, the witch in the cage could not stop Sturn’s advance directly to the ward stone. There was nothing she could do but watch as the Rod of Cancellation came into contact with the Stone. The world stopped for a moment. Then the Wardstone exploded, destroying the witch and all creatures in the room, save the hero’s. A fist sized chunk which was destined for Atiasi’s head was intercepted by his staff end which quickly fused to the iron capping it. There, the the fractured intelligence of the ward stone waited, and with Iomedae’s blessings, awoke.
(level 1 mythic feat: Legendary item)
Asitai (name in progress)
Quarter Staff made of Bronze Wood. capped with Iron. on the end is a smoky fist sized piece of crystal from the original Ward Stone.
Intelligent Item:
Int: 10, Wis: 10, Cha: 10
Senses: 30’
Alignment: Neutral Good.
3/ day: Protection from evil.
1/ day: Comprehend Languages
1/ day: See Alignment

With the help of the Ward stones knowledge of Kanebras, it took only an hour to make their way to Lantern Lane.
“Do you know who my parents were? Um, I have no idea what to call you. You are obviously intelligent. I’m not going to call you Staff, and not so arrogant to suggest Staff of Atiasi. Other than ‘the ward stone’ have you been called by any other name?”
The staff replied “I am more than just a piece of the Ward stone. I am an extension of you as well. If I remember, which is difficult, Sarenrae would not be outdone by Iomedae and kept apart of the ward stone whole. She also took a sliver of you soul to breath life into me. I am still awakening, but as you grow in power, I know I shall as well.
as to a name…”
Also, I know the city, and its inhabitance. Your parents were good people. That is all I know, for now. Perhaps when we arrive at their home.

The section of the city was blessedly untouched by the destruction wrought upon the city. There were a few pockets that survived. Not because of lack of intent, but lack of interest as there were few threats here. Some of the houses were thoroughly looted, but most were left standing. Fortunately was the case for Atiasi’s parents home.
“This is it” the staff said
“I’m aware. I feel like I’m violating their home. but this is my home as well. even if I have never stepped foot in there. I was carried as a baby.”

Atiasi opened the door with the key his adoptive parents gave him. Here was Months worth of Dust and growth. They must have had some sort of agreement to have someone come in and make sure the place was left standing, but not lived in by anyone else.

Meta what did he find?

Sword of Valor
...no rest for the wicked

During the height of the First Crusade, as the initial wave of demons was forced back into the heart of the Worldwound, the crusaders began to build fortresses in fallen Sarkoris to hold the defensive line. The greatest of these fortresses was built by a small army of dwarven crusaders-worshippers of Torag who drew upon the architectural styles of their ancient Sky Citadels to create Citadel Drezen, a squat, almost bunker-like fortress situated atop a rugged bluff in the north-eastern corner of the region. The citadel was completed in 4628AR and played a key role in the successful end of the First Crusade. In the years after that crusade’s end, the citadel drew more and more crusaders, and a town of stone buildings grew rapidly around the citadel’s walls. For a time, Drezen served as the unofficial capital of the crusade, and it was in this fortress that many of the crusade’s most beloved and sacred relics came to stay. The greatest of these was the Sword of Valor-a magical banner once carried into battle by Iomedae herself during the Shining Crusade. Under the aegis of the Sword of Valor, several crusading orders struck decisive blows against the demon armies, and its presence in Drezen was believed to make the Citadel’s walls impregnable to demons.

Unfortunately, the Sword of Valor offered no such protection against traitors…

It took five fools on a suicide mission while the Eagle Watch distracted to destroy the last major piece of Kenabres’s wardstone. With the lure of a wardstone fragment ripe for corruption removed and the sudden final death-pulse of the border’s wardstones, the demons have retreated for now. A few stragglers remain in the ruins, but they will soon be hunted down and exterminated… a new ray of hope shines on the beleaguered city with the arrival of Queen Galfrey and her armies, fresh from the defense of other cities along the south. She plans to meet with the heroes who played such a vital role in the city’s defense-and who, if rumours are to be trusted, are the heritor of the wardstone’s power. The city feels broken and empty yet glimpses of hope shine in the eyes of her people.

The group of adventures find themselves back from the Grey Garrison at the Defender’s Heart, set up as a meeting point and triage center for the city. As they wait, Irabeth and Aniva join the group in solemn celebration, more like relief.

...with a special bonus added...

The team took only a few moments to explore the 2nd-floor landing and hall, discovering a few more rooms of mild interest, a great deal more fecal matter, and a library with some nasty foes inside. Squeezing into the small room and up against the stacks, the heroes made quick work of the scum there, and then found another chamber, a large scrying room full of animated corpses.

Sturn, incensed by the wanton desecration of his deity’s temple, rushed head-long in, shouting at every move, doing his best to inspire the others to follow him into battle. The team, now well-accustomed to each other, worked smoothly and dispatched the undead there before heading up to the third floor in search of the wardstone.

At the top of the stairs they found another small chamber, hemming in their ability to move and fight from all directions…and a large mutant minotaur beastie that bum-rushed them, preventing easy access into and maneuvering throughout the room. Braving the inevitable attacks, Gnarl brushed past the great beast, absorbing punishing blows as he cleared space for the others to attack. Jaroo dropped his dinosaur guise in favor of his actual form, and pressed the attack, while the others used sword and spell – and maybe a hammer or two – to beat the massive creature to the ground, splitting its skull against the hardwood floor. One door led from this chamber, and on the other side Sturn detected great evil – the wardstone was close at hand!
Through the door the team rushed, bracing for what they believed would be their final, and likely most deadly, fight. The room on the other side presented the wardstone, locked in an iron cage, and a demon-woman-caster-somebody working through the twisted syllables of what could only be a foul ritual or spell. Wasting no time for a monologue, the five heroes ran forward: the dwarfs and Jaroo toward the woman, while Atiasi stayed back to cast a spell, and Sturn, drawing the Rod of Cancellation, made directly for the wardstone.

The demon-kind’s spell was interrupted as the melee ensued, and yet it was Sturn striking at the wardstone that turned the tide, with the stone exploding in a brilliant, celestial light, blasting to foul little pieces the woman, and stopping time around the team for a split-second as the force of heavenly power enveloped and penetrated them, imbuing them with a unearthly vitality.

Moments later – really, they could not tell how much time had passed – a shimmering image of another demon-woman appeared before them, but her spells and lame monologue had no effect on them, leaving her irritated when she was unable to incinerate them. Instead, she summoned several babau demons to do her work for her. They, in turn, took a look at the five fine examples of badassity in the room, and the cat, and summoned some more of their friends just to be sure.

Despite their brutal, well-coordinated attacks and the massive amounts of damage they doled out, they were unable to gain the initiative in the fight…even after severing Gnarl’s spine, cutting off his hand, and gouging one of his eyes out….even after ganging up on Sturn (clearly, recognizing the real threat in the room). One by one, then in groups, they were defeated and destroyed.
Standing in the ruined chamber, its stone walls blasted almost smooth from the massive release of divine energies – fell and good – the five heroes and Toonces were greeted by a manifestation of the goddess Iomedae herself, who addressed them personally and by name, thanking them for their great deeds and courage, and exhorting them to continue their fight to contain and eventually roll back the hordes of demons from the Worldwound.

The vision of Sturn’s youth was fulfilled in this moment as his divine patron confirmed him as one of her champions, and accepted his service as worthy. As she faded from sight she gazed directly at him, as if to take full stock of him as her knight…and winked. She winked at him!

Silence was all that was left after she was gone, and the five knew there was nothing they could add to what had happened, what they’d been asked to do, what they did, and what it all meant. And yet, seized by the moment, Sturn looked at his friends – the men alongside whom he knew he would face Hell’s fury – and had a thought.

“Who’s ready to accept Iomedae and her wisdom?” he asked. Suddenly getting their wits about themselves the dwarven brothers scoffed, each muttering something about how “…a woman without a beard was no woman at all…”, while Atiasi busied himself with brushing ashes off his robes and awkwardly whistling to himself. Jaroo, on the other hand, being a relatively transparent and practical fellow, nodded.

“I’m in…that’s all the proof I needed.”

Storming the Stronghold
"...cleanin' up the town, oh yeah...."

The team moved swiftly through the shattered city toward the temple, now defiled and acting as the demonic head-shed. Gnarl and Sturn cased the massive front doors, spying two bloated demon-spawn standing guard there. Sadly, both were the distorted shells of two former men of the city, one of whom had been the mayor. Sturn muttered something to himself about freeing what was left of them, and then the rushed the front door.

A short melee ensued, resulting in both demi-scum being destroyed and the doors breached. Into the lobby the team poured, confronted by a desecrated temple in full fecal bloom, followed quickly by a confrontation with another group, this time eight cultists, eager to prove their worth to their demonic lords by killing more crusaders.

Wrong idea, guys – the varsity team had arrived.

Although they took damage, the righteous invaders struck down all of the vile adepts, providing them with the chance to meet their true masters probably a lot earlier than they’d expected. ‘…probably not as grand as they’d hoped…’ Sturn thought grimly to himself, marveling at the stupidity and craven evil that so many chose.
The team moved into another room, encountering this time actual demons, and filled the chamber with their wrath, bum-rushing the book-gobbling wanna-be puppeteers. These fights were swift and deadly, and although the crusaders never doubted the outcome, they still took considerable damage as each new fight ensued. Both Jaroo and Utenar required healing, and even Sturn made use of his ability to mend injuries, on himself and others. And yet, they had to press on – there was no other option at this point.

Into a long worship chamber they moved, despite being the victims of several hurled fire bombs. This is where they felt the pain the most on the ground level, although all enemies were destroyed eventually. More healing and regrouping followed, along with the discovery of a powerful magic sword that had once belonged to one of their allies. And then…up the stairs!

For once, in a seemingly unbroken line of adventures, quests, and journeys, a team of stalwarts discovered a set of stairs that went….up. Strange…disconcerting…clearly the work of sinister hands….and yet definitely up. And so up they went.

Up they went, and into a hall packed with waiting cultists and other foes – 12 of them in all! The team’s speed and ferocity surprised these enemies, enabling the heroes to move quickly among them in order to begin the work of cutting them to pieces. And cut them to pieces they did, even with the addition of a 13th foe, a mutant dog-elk-mosquito-wildebeast craft project that burst forth from a side chamber, barking, bleating, buzzing and roaring its way down the wide hall.

The heroes cut and thrust and parried, much like at their fencing master’s call in days of old, and the training held true, leaving heaps of body parts and gore layered above the ever-present smears of excrement.

Breathe…center…focus…heal….and then onward! The team was all eyes outward, scanning the doors within the hall, checking for magical and evil auras behind all of them, and listening for any signs, as well.

The Weeping Angel

Cold slowly filled the once beating heart. If ears could hear, several men stood apart arguing the fate of another. The slain knight would feel all these memories silently leaving. What was once moments before but a vain last attempt to thwart the demon hoard. He had known her since they were children chasing hoops with sticks. Their laughter was a bright sound to the freshly minted crusaders returning from their first incursion into the Worldwound. He remembered the sight of wounded warriors and their crimson dressings. How she held his hand as they stopped their laughter for a moment. She tightened her grip as she pleaded to be away from this place. He promised to take her away that day. It was only years later before he was able to keep that promise.

She had been hiding where her family said they would be. He knew it was a safe and would be the last place left in New Kenabres that civilians could hide out so long. His group had been pushed from the switchback of Old Kenabres, of the company of sixty only a tenth remained. An Ulkreth had led the charge against their command. It stood a monster of rippled muscle stone, cooked steel riddled between its fingers. Four hands made for distruction. The demon’s presense made half the line break as the earth began to bow beneath the behemoth. At five men tall, it walked through the line of fortifications with easy; the crush of men beneath and between its grasp meant little as it smashed, packed, and hurled the armoured bodies into and through the stone walls. How could they stand against this where swords did nothing and ballisata only made it furious. They needed something more if the gods would do nothing.

After breaking the old man’s leg and tying up the mother, he took his childhood friend by force. His grip no longer held willingly, she pleaded for release and for him to leave, as he had done once before to the crusades. He had seen to much to stop now. If the city was to be saved, they needed the gods to know. “Here,” his sergeant shouted, “this shrine will do.” She was placed on the alter before Sarenae. She knelt, she wept. He felt his duty to take her away form this place. Perhaps the lore of old, sheathing their weapons with virgin blood, would help. It could be just that, a myth, but was was the use if they would all be dead soon. He prepared himself, “Your sacrafice aids the cause of good.”

It was not as he thought. The strangers came form nowhere and fast. He had taken a few steps before the world went black. He now only felt Pharasma’s spiral unwind his life and it’s memories. He could not save her, he could not save himself. At least dying like this meant he would be away from this crusade once and for all.

Putting It Together

The insurgency of the cultist must have been active for some time. Their efforts seem to have pushed the defenders to the gate district, away from the Kite, home of the wardstone. The dull drone no longer sings as it once did which brings a question as to where it is. There seems to be evidence of cultist patrols inside the Ring District and New Kenabres. Without looting or other signs of anarchy, they seem to be waiting for something. Survivors caught here seem to be left to desecration and dismemberment by lesser demons. The last safe house for the cultist, the Tower of Esterod, hopefully shines insight into the demon lord’s end game.

Kenabres in Red

The day was dark. A combination of ruin smoke and the abyssal weather of the world wound made it difficult to determine if it was dawn or dusk. The group paused, to remove the filth from their blades, patch wounds, and meditate on their next action. The rest was well. Surveying the surroundings, they were in the southern gate district although it no longer looked the same. A large rift split the neighborhood in half. Signs of visceral carnage littered the street in crimson and fleshy tones. Personal objects littering the ground told stories of rushed judgments, often fatal. The alleyway they found themselves in provided a defensible position but staying long was not an option. Over the course of the next several hours, screams of horror punctuated the otherwise dull moan of the damaged wardstone. The occasional crash of burning builds, distant clash of battle, and odd explosion kept the watch on edge.

A scampering behind the barricade alerted the flame touched nostrils of the drawf. The party made ready, drawing weapons in stealth. The sorcerer held back to protect their cohort. Rushed with adrenalin, Gnarl pushed forward at the approaching figure demanding attention. The parched knight tried to explain, holding fast to his sword, prepared to fight if necessary. Recent revelation of insurgency placed suspicion on the knight from the group and likewise, the chaos of the past two days had placed the paladin on edge. It was only after they sheathed their weapons when they were attacked by a Howler. Leaping from the roof, it sunk into the new found paladin. The group quickly mustered surrounding the beast. A howl let loose that caused the injured to cringe in pain, right before the adventures split the beast open and dead. The site dishearten the group; children toys littered the belly contents of the beast.

The group made haste out of the alley to the closes destination, the Black Wing. Upon arrival, the avenue had been somewhat untouched by the destruction surrounding but the library itself stood only in the shadow of its former self. With exception to the great hall, the building was torn asunder. The sound of orders could be heard within as they approached the large doors. The madness of a cavalier stood before them as four remnants of the Black Wing staff stood huddled behind a pile of books about to be lit by a fifth. The caviler took offence to the adventurers intrusion; battle immeadiately broke. The paladin and cavalier exchanged words and sword play, but it was the dwarf that took an ax to the madman. The drowning man plead forgiveness with each breathe drawing blood. As an act of mercy equal to the justice, the paladin read rites over the cavalier.

Aravashnail was greeted by the survivors, relived to see very well what may be the last of the Riftwardens. What was left of their home needed to be salvaged before any more harm could come to it. Aravashnail thanked the group for leading him home. Uncharacteristic for an elf, he fell weeping. The original attack was done by a man made of worms. The head librarian, Quednys, was not there at the time of the attack but was at Cydwell plaza. In parting, the wizard encourages the group to look for him and let him know what is left of Black Wing.

Horgus was relived to see his home intact, albiet, looted. He cursed at the help and guards abandoning post. He quickly found his vault intact, and handed the adventurers their reward. In rather short order, the merchant bid them good day and shut the vault. The party felt immediate relief and no love lost for the old man. Aniva though spoke up in defense. She did not profess to like Horgus in any manner for his attitude or front he portrayed but wanted the adventurers to know his contribution to the crusade. She could not tell before as she had secretly spied on Horgus in thoughts he was an instigator. What the world wound does not twist is left for the rest of us to continue it seems

The humble cottage did not befit the home of paladin stature, but there it was as the sky started to grow dark. Aniva wanted to rush in calling out Irabeth’s name but Gnarl stopped her until they could clear the house. The party entered cautiously and fanned out. The silence held concealed the danger. The walls seem to speak but it was disbelief. A fire beetle was summoned and slain. The evil presence moved in the room unseen. Gnarl felt the blade rip into him, the invisible attacker made himself known. It was a criminal from the river kingdoms come to exact revenge on Irabeth for his condemnation. His timing could not have been worst or more costly. Having proved solid thus far, Gnarl gripped the sword from Atiasi and handed Radiance to Stern. The sword immediately glowed in the hands of its new owner. Once cleared, Aniva rushed into the bedroom to uncover a secret cache just for this type of situation. Defender’s Heart, an inn not too far from the group, was where the garrison defense of Kenabres was being staged, where Irabeth would be.


Take time to explore your new surroundings inside the large spacious inn on the OP. You can buy/sell, seek services, gossip/talk, and so forth before the curfew. The leadership for the city defense will see you shortly once returned from patrol. Be mindful that the insurgency may still be active as listed in Hosilla’s orders.

Also fell free to color some of the events above to your character’s style. Figured you might be enjoying some honey rum.

Atasi 900
Gnarl 1000
Untar 1100
Jaroo 900
Stern 1100

The Rantings of an Unhinged Dwarf

The party was quick to dismantle the dark-mantles. No reward but the chattering laughter of one out of his gourd. Signs of what darkness, loneliness, lack of personal hygiene, and a disgust for all things sentient mixed with a single low level paranoid spell caster meant magical spoils for the adventurers. Somewhere between, “the mooner will fly!” and “watch for snakes”, everybody’s loathsome snake, Horgus, escaped. It was not long as his stumble in the dark deemed to much for the lecherous merchant, reluctant to comply. Anevia once more expressed her concern to return top side with everyone, including Horgus.

A tremor in the ground sent the press further into the dark. Their next encounter provided a tense moment. The mongrel-men stood their ground for a round as it was deliberated friend from foe. The group ended up assisting the new friends with saving a life (one of the few good things accomplished since their decent). The mongrel-men lead the group back to their tribe by taking an indirect route leading down a corridor with streaming walls of blood. The sign proved only to dim the hopes or increase urgency. Aravashnail was enthralled at the opportunity to document these morlocks although any word said came out as a slight more than inquisitiveness. The Enforcer put him in his place. After a skip across a ravine and a dull encounter with a spore, the group discovered something sinister with the supposed dead crusaders; they were secretly cultist. Pieces started to showing there was something more to the siege of the city.

Neathholm proved to be a collage of whatever trash and disused material could be cobbled together at the end of a underground cistern. The mongrel-men were equally bits of this and that. Their leader, a rat man of healthy proportions, welcomed them for saving one of their own. His aid was soon delivered as the adventurers explained their need to make it above ground. The chief was dourer at this news but knew it was time to defend what they had as a home. The party took rest, refuge and readied themselves for the morning.

The assault on the lair was all heart and no brain. No sooner had the party broke down the front door, they split up as each encounter drew them further into the complex. Nommed on by an oversized lizard, corrupted by sultry cultist, shot through with deadly arrows, nearly dead they regrouped, shot up, and headed once more unto the breach. The supposed leader, Hosilla, prepared for one last battle but not the dwarven cannon that was shot through the door. In small cyclones of destruction, the group eliminated the body guards only to have Hosilla vanish and apparently slip out. Never mind that, the magic of a locked strong box was no match for Anevia’s tools… the fifth time around. Their discovery of demon correspondence and a strange sword only complicated their mission once they reached above. A little fishing ensued followed by their first foul encounter with Dretches, the scum of demons. Still savage, cruel, and simply stupid, the demons summoned their spawn for reinforcements while emminating clouds and other demon tricks. Having quite enough, members of the party exercised extreme discretion in decorating the walls and fellow team members with vats of blood and demon entrails. Savagery behind them, the heroes step up into a new day in Kenabres. A great and dreadful day.

Session 2:
Jaroo 1000
Atasi 1000
Narl 900
Utar 1150

Session 3:
Jaroo 1500
Atasi 2000
Narl 2000
Utar 1500

Somewhere between:
1400 each or what ever gets to level… 3


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