Friblip O'Maggarty

Paladin of the Army of Kenabres


This junior knight of Iomedae is attached to the Army of Kenebres, and eagerly – if gruffly – serves his god in pursuit of demons, devils, their servants, and anyone else the church targets. Lacking the guile to be an Inquisitor, he is no less fervent in his beliefs, nor zealous in his efforts. Although prone to streaks of melancholy, he is actually quite an optimist for long-range affairs, while coming across as grumpy about the here & now.

Note: in keeping with Nirthami linguistic conventions, his name is pronounced FRIB-lip o’muh-GARTY, with the emphasis on the first syllable of the given name, and the last syllable of the family name.


Friblip O'Maggarty

Wrath of the Righteous Lyle