Aron Kir

Born-again Condemned serving time


Scout with information about the defenses of Citadel Drezen. An expert on siege tactics, traps, infiltration, scouting, and the like; holds the map of the Citadel inside his head.


Aron contributes to Drezen in the capacity of chief engineer. His direction over the rebuilding of key defenses as well as much needed utilities is key and somewhat under appreciated. Still, compared to his forced conscription in a thieves guild, he much preferred the unsung responsibility he holds within the citadel.

Solsie more than helped him through his addiction to demon blood. The temptation was strong when first revealed inside the camp but the heroes investigation into the treacherous Halfling helped put an end quickly to the issue. His confidence in Solsie to keep him on the straight an narrow grows from love as much as respect. Even his anger at the Halfling has subsided although they will never be more than estranged.

Aron Kir

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