Broken and blind elven wizard of Kenabres - a little less book and a lot more living might keep the party sane


The fall of Kenabres broke some of the secrecy behind the riftwardens, especially with their head quarters being dismantled and leveled (Xanthir Vang might have been behind this). The stoic and contemplative elf is slow to respond, often lost in his thinking processes. This makes him socially inept at times but still resourceful for the knowledge he holds.

Now with the wardstone’s power diminished, he assists in discovering how this was made possible His trail has led him to help the adventures at Drezen. Pouring over the journals, he discovered that the Sword of Valor’s original displacement came at the hands of the now deceased Shaunton Vahne. An elven general tricked him into delivering the banner in the hopes that they would charge into the would wound. The elf revealed herself to be a demon in disguise. He swore fealty instead of death. A costly lesson learned for the impatient.



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