Anevia Tirabade

Human thief of Kenabres - married to a paladin... the end does justify the means


Anevia was at some point a man. It was a somewhat convoluted love affair that she is now married to Irabeth, the half orc paladin from Kenabres. Aside from that distraction, she has proven herself resourceful in counter espionage and information gathering, the positives of a misspent youth. She follows her wife where ever the crusade calls her.

Before the fall of Kenabres, she was tracking insurgent activity. She believed Horgus was behind the funding of the cultist but was mistaken. He had secretly been fronting a large part of his businesses for the benefit of the crusaders. The shrewd merchant took the perceived profit and funneled it into stores, weapon caches, and reserves. She was at once disarmed with her suspicion and began having a greater respect for the lout.

Anevia Tirabade

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