Wrath of the Righteous

The Cost of Drezen

The Nalfeshnee pushed his corpulent hand through the twisting nether energy to greet the elven wizard. In a first, Aravashnal dodged the beast’s grasp, diving away from the newly created portal to the abyss. “Gorro undar verscarow!” the pig demon roared in anger. The abyssal curse woke Havik out of his state of shock. Rallying the dozen wizards in the room, he replied in kind, “Return you whore of a demon dog!” A flurry of blinding energies began to fly through the room as each mage pulled out his strongest spell left. The bulbous demon sneered and flinched as the weaker spells failed to affect him. Then a searing light of energy pierced his spell protection, then another. The beast took two steps through the portal, pushing his way for others to join the battle. Aravashnal knew a cadre of mages might last a while against the powerful demon but they could not hold off the hoard long. He needed Havik to pull them back to the upper halls, where they might be able to engage them planning room to room. He communicated the thought to the junior elf. Havik could see the flash in his mind. The wizard took on a grim face, understanding Aravashnal would not be making it out of this room alive. “Fall back mages!” He commanded, releasing a blast of spell fire. Aravashnal focused the last of his attention on the Nalfeshnee portal guard and the demonic hoard behind it.

Friblip motioned the rangers to hold. He had changed his gear to keep quiet and match the woods men contingent. They had been observing the enemy lines from afar but now stood less than 100 yards from the rear of the western front. He waited until his breath was controlled before looking over the ridge again. He could see in the near darkness several blood demons arguing in abyssal with a Vrock. The voices continued to speed up and escalate into what the commanding paladin understood easily as insubordination. Quickly, the blood demons surrounded the Vrock and in synchronicity, began to slash at the larger demon. The gory blood bath danced around the vulture creature as it in kind returned biting blows to the Baubus, severing several in half. The screams and chaos would make it easy to slip past the melee and investigate further behind enemy lines. But Friblip was tired of sneaking around. Pulling his holy blade, the paladin gave sign to the troop. The quick rush filled the knight’s blood with the strength needed to launch himself upon the Vrock with a righteous vengeance. Several of the other soldiers tagged the distraced blood demons as their own kills. Arrows from behind stung through the air, impaling several of the demons watching with a holy burn. 17 seconds later, the dirty dozen Drezden veterans dispatched twice as many demons. Only a few Baubus and Dretches remained. Witnesses to the enemy’s power, those that remained blinked out of the material plane. Friblip saw this as a good sign. The demon army seemed to be in disarray behind the frontline meaning a break down in command. He needed to share this with his comrades on the eastern front and inside the citadel. Time to go on the offensive.

Aron was in disbelief. The Kavaku leered at the engineer, stamping his foot, ready to charge. The beast had come from the sub levels of the citadel, through the officer quarters. Behind the archway, several knight officers and wizards were battling other spawns. He could see Horgus running away helpless. Aron needed to time this correctly. He knew a pole arm was likely to be tangled in the demon’s horns. He needed to position himself near the edge and hope the demon attacked with enough energy to catapult it over the northern palisade wall. A snarl and snort preceded the demon’s charge at him. The pole arm hooked the horn, twisted the bull demon’s neck and stabbed into the chest. Aron fell down and braced the weapon as it swung above him, beast in tow. Insert Wilhelm scream. Relieved at the close call, the engineer began to stand. “Ugh…” the sharp pain filled his back, then another and another, twisting around he could see the blood demons continue to stab him, although he felt no more pain. And falling, slowly to the ground, the thud of his head against the stone also met with no pain. A strange light began to pervade his senses. He could see Horgus lying afar, victim of the same sensations perhaps. Where was Sosiel he wondered? It was cold at once but the comfort was strange. The only sound heard was the rage of a Firebelly and the sight of the mad dwarf bleeding the blood of the last crusade. And then his vision went, and then he was gone.



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