Wrath of the Righteous

Take Me to Your Leader

...you forgot to say please

Arueshelea directed the adventures to the rift canyons at the end of the sand dune swept “green gates”. The jagged rock rose ominously into cliffs more than two hundred feet. The light that fell into the chasm was muted against the stone and shadows. Still, the succubus could see a half dozen basilisk soaking what light they could. She notified the group; plans were made for a swift strike. Two arrows shot though the starbow illuminated the central lizard as the projectiles ripped through. A well placed fireball engulfed several followed by an acidic cloudburst. Jaroo and Kahn quickly joined the action in rending one apart. Successfully, they shielded themselves from the creatures’ gaze attacks. Bram let loose his mighty blade. Not to be outdone, Clarence summoned an invisible blade of force and pierced one himself. Atiasi still did the most damage, making sure to point that out.

That was okay. He later made the mistake of looking trough an illusionary wall to be skewered by a glaive. The surprise on his face was a classic “Santa Vaca!” With the balance of good and evil being restored, Jaroo supplied a chime of opening for the portcullis and banged it with his animal paws, I mean hands. Quickly back in animal form, Jaroo and Kahn implemented SWAT tatics in clearing the room, each engaging a minotaur directly. The succubus deftly moved into the room and identified two other foul guards approaching. Clarence, looking through his many books, remembered to cast his kick-ass spell of smite shite. This rendered the battle moot as the DM tried vainly to charge Bran the paladin.

Fourth wall broken, the spell casters fought over themselves on the standard OP of detect magic, evil, and other furry things. You are in the evil magical lair, there is evil and magic everywhere. Summarizing the degree of everything, the team decided to venture to the closest, evilest thing possible. Two doors later they found Jerribeth, doing her best Ava Green impression. The lack of blood to the head of the adventures led to some abrupt and awkward conversation. The promise of a wish was not enough to keep the conversation sustained, and much like the first time, the party let loose. Bram drew his mighty blade for a blow. Jerribeth transformed into the large demon she hid, said one word and Bram was caught stunned but not dead. Atiasi dispelled. Jerribeth stunned again. Atiasi dispelled. All the while the sorcerer could hear whispers,“come with me, and you’ll see, a world of pure imagination…”. Jaroo and Kahn took turns swiping out the demons mirror images, which there were many. Arueshelea let loose a barrage of arrows several times before the DM was reminded she should be using the +2 bane arrows. Clarence, still reading his books, determined that summon monster three was the best course of action. It was only later, after the battle, he was informed to use flame strike next time. Bram delivered the killing blow to Jerribeth. Fittingly she changed back to her vain human image, blowing kisses to the paladin.

Rushing to the next room, not spending precious time to loot, the juiced band of adventures literally blasted into the liar of the brain collectors. Atiasi continued to lay down the mythic fireballs. A CR10 encounter turned into a CR2. What further mayhem, havoc, and badassery do our heroes have in store?

Will Clarence embrace his mythic path by reading a book?
Will Atiasi ever be more than a one trick-pony?
Does Jaroo really hate red bull?
Will Bram bend his mighty blade for Arueshalea?

Stay tuned. Same bat channel same bat time.


Holy Fireballs At-man!

Take Me to Your Leader

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