Wrath of the Righteous

Sword of Valor

...no rest for the wicked

During the height of the First Crusade, as the initial wave of demons was forced back into the heart of the Worldwound, the crusaders began to build fortresses in fallen Sarkoris to hold the defensive line. The greatest of these fortresses was built by a small army of dwarven crusaders-worshippers of Torag who drew upon the architectural styles of their ancient Sky Citadels to create Citadel Drezen, a squat, almost bunker-like fortress situated atop a rugged bluff in the north-eastern corner of the region. The citadel was completed in 4628AR and played a key role in the successful end of the First Crusade. In the years after that crusade’s end, the citadel drew more and more crusaders, and a town of stone buildings grew rapidly around the citadel’s walls. For a time, Drezen served as the unofficial capital of the crusade, and it was in this fortress that many of the crusade’s most beloved and sacred relics came to stay. The greatest of these was the Sword of Valor-a magical banner once carried into battle by Iomedae herself during the Shining Crusade. Under the aegis of the Sword of Valor, several crusading orders struck decisive blows against the demon armies, and its presence in Drezen was believed to make the Citadel’s walls impregnable to demons.

Unfortunately, the Sword of Valor offered no such protection against traitors…

It took five fools on a suicide mission while the Eagle Watch distracted to destroy the last major piece of Kenabres’s wardstone. With the lure of a wardstone fragment ripe for corruption removed and the sudden final death-pulse of the border’s wardstones, the demons have retreated for now. A few stragglers remain in the ruins, but they will soon be hunted down and exterminated… a new ray of hope shines on the beleaguered city with the arrival of Queen Galfrey and her armies, fresh from the defense of other cities along the south. She plans to meet with the heroes who played such a vital role in the city’s defense-and who, if rumours are to be trusted, are the heritor of the wardstone’s power. The city feels broken and empty yet glimpses of hope shine in the eyes of her people.

The group of adventures find themselves back from the Grey Garrison at the Defender’s Heart, set up as a meeting point and triage center for the city. As they wait, Irabeth and Aniva join the group in solemn celebration, more like relief.


Does that extra sword that Sturn found belong to either Irabeth or Aniva, or some other living, present, individual? If so, he returns it to the hands of its owner. If the owner is not available, he will hold on to it in hopes of presenting it to Queen Galfrey when she arrives – maybe she can find someone who could use it well.

While waiting, Sturn does his best to encourage those around him by citing various prayers from and stories of Iomedae and past crusades, with an overall tone focused on the idea of turning the tide and winning the eventual victory. I rolled a 21 for Diplomacy.

Sword of Valor

What sort of down time do we have? I FINALLY worked on a back story to match the WotR trait I got. His parents lived in Kanebres but went missing shortly after my birth on a mission into the world wound.
My hope is their home will still be standing and not occupied by any new tenents. And maybe investigating their home will add a clue to their whereabouts, and or mission they went on.
Atiasi would want to spend some time there.

Sword of Valor

Atiasi excused himself from the group. The rest of the party was too exhausted to object and continued their rest and recounting of the Wardstone destruction and the Gray Garrison. Sturn revealed the found sword and the note recovered with it thinking the Eagle Watch could make better use; he already had a great blade in Radiance. Irabeth immediately recognized the blade as hers, or was hers.

She had sold the sword to a local merchant for a rare polymorph potion some time ago. The potion was for Anevia. Uncomfortable with the situation, she quickly changed the subject back to the adventure’s exploits. Anevia looked abandoned at that point but quickly returned to the spirit of the conversation. Some time later a Knight’s page arrived to delilver a letter to Irabeth. After a brief read and a tired yet relieved expression, she excused herself from the group. “I need to submit my report to the Queen. She will be here soon and I gather she will be very interested in meeting you. Freshen up but do not rely on formality during war.” She addressed Anevia in a tender embrace then departed.

The group finished their discussion and meal ration and were left to their own devices for a few hours…

meta Tom please create a post for the group regarding Atiasi’s homecoming of sorts. It would seem you have a few hours before anything of merit happens. Rest of the group, there is available services and service to provide if you choose not to rest.

Sturn spent his time directing the refuge flow inside the city and assisting in cheering up those left with the clean up and routing efforts. (5 points Gryphindorf)

Sword of Valor

A man stood silently in a garden amidst the rubble and ruin of Kenabres. He wiped his face repeatedly before crying in despair. Sturn could not help but take notice and approached. The man turned towards the paladin as he regained his composure. “I thank you good knight for defending us and helping our land heal. I wished you were more though, and not so late.” He turned to the hole and the burial clothes set over what looked to be two children. Sturn began to say prayers over the bodies. “Please stop, just stop…” stammered the man. “What can the gods do for in death that they did not do in life! We are without hope, the wardstone has been destroyed by careless soldiers, the Riftwardens have abandon us and we are without protection. This grave will be mine soon enough so just let us be, please.” Sturn felt at a lost. The man slowly started covering the grave with flowers and dirt. Sturn joined and they performed the service in silence.

Sword of Valor

As the others went about their various tasks, Gnarl made his way to a comfortable seat in the Defender’s Heart. There he ordered some Dwarven Holy Water (mead) to offer thanks to Torag for blessing them with success and to sort through all that has happened.
Two large mugs of mead sat on the table beside the red-bearded Dwarf – a clear sign among the followers of the Dwarven god that this person was either repenting or waiting for another.
The bone weary look on his bearded face was enough to warn others that conversation beyond polite greetings would not be welcomed well.
Gnarl waited patiently for his brother Utenar to arrive. They were in for a long night of prayerful thanks.

Sword of Valor

A gruff tug on the shoulder awoke the Firebelly up from his sleep. “By demon’s blood!” He snorted, ready with his weapon. Gnarl had dozed off in his waiting, the need for rest getting the better of him. The orcish paladin stood above and aback of him grinning, “Careful master Dwarf, I am not sure where every one is but at least I found you. I would like to keep my head today if at all possible, would hate to break the streak.” It is unusual to see an orc smile, especially one with teeth clean as snow. Irabeth’s face turned serious, “The Queen summons your group.” She briefly laid out the meeting details and would accompany them to the makeshift capital building. “I think we should find your companions first.” Gnarl grunted. The paladin could not help herself, “I do not mean to offend but are dwarfs always so loud in their sleep?”

Sword of Valor

With the hustling and bustling of preparations and tending to the wounded, Ute began to notice the wary look on the faces of many. As he walked past them, he recognized an old friend. “Yurddar! Yurd, is that you?” The old Dwarf stood up from the wounded warrior he was attending, and squinted at Ute. “What??! What is it you be wanting..?” his voice trailed off. “Ute, is that you?” the Dwarf squinted at Ute in recognition. “By Torag’s beard, it is a blessing to be seeing you!”

Ute and Yurd gave each other a bear hug and shared news of recent events and that of Torag’s temple. Their voices reverberated off the cobblestones and stone walls, attracting attention of those around them. Yurd introduced him to some of the younger acolytes and followers who had joined him to come fight back the demon hordes. In an opportune moment, Ute felt the surge of divinity and before he knew it, he was re-telling the tales of recent events. Interspersed with praises to his deity. Obviously, these recent events could be none other than the favor of the mighty hammer wielding deity.

Wrapped up in his recounting of the events, and the surge of Torag, Ute did not realize the crowd that had gathered. Looking around him, he saw many wide eyed individuals. Individuals wary of battle, but dedicated to the cause. Yurd eyed his friend with an approving look as some of the folks were already asking questions about Torag, and how to raise his banner in the upcoming battle. Ute took the opportunity to share the words of Torag with these new believers, and afterwards, he made his way to get himself a quick bite and some mead in his belly before getting some much needed rest.

META: I will leave it up to Ryan to roll the Diplomacy as I am not finding the Dice Roller on the OP anymore.

Sword of Valor

The Dice Roller was removed as part of the ‘upgrade,’ which has resulted in me still not getting updates and such.

Sword of Valor

Ute’s Diplomacy Roll=’Kick Arse!

The listeners begin to gather as a traditional hymn to Torag is broken out by a bard. It divulges into improvisational meditation and cheer.

Sword of Valor

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