Wrath of the Righteous

Report from the Grey Road

...a taking of souls

It was an ambush. The blood demons descended upon the scouting party without mercy, flanking and backstabbing the first knight where he stood. Aneiva knew making a defensive circle would keep them alive if they hoped to live to tell the tale. She ordered the remaining paladins to form up. The demons, six in all, assailed the five remaining members with their swift claw strikes. Anieva used her experience, to weave from foe to foe, taking advantage of her own precision shots and quickened reflexes. The blood spurting from each critical hit soaked into her leather bracers, quickly making them useless. Likewise, the paladins turned on their ability to call upon holy might and strike down the blood demon’s attempts to flank. The scouting party had the advantage now. The demon’s seemed to be relenting on their attack, becoming tired and waiting. Aneiva thought this was a good sign. Then quite suddenly, sharp talons ripped into her shoulder and arm, tearing flesh and gripping to the bone. She flinched, panicked, and dropped her weapon as the ground began to flee from her. She could see the battle below, the knights holding their ground as the blood demon’s began to teleport away. A ruse she though now, as the large beating wings of the Vrock carried her higher into the darken worldwound sky… to the south, beyond the molten lake, reported the surviving paladins.


I’m sure meta wise this is the lava surrounded area we have yet to explore. However, once we get back to Drezen, have Aravashnel, or havik scry for her, so we can get an exact location. If needed, get something personal from Irabeth to be able to hone in on Aneiva.
“Damn Sturn going off on his own. He should know better than to assume we wouldn’t send somebody to look for him.”

Report from the Grey Road

You might not get that opportunity to return to Drezen. It will be a straight forward rescue mission.

Report from the Grey Road

We wouldn’t know she is in danger until we get back to Drezen.

Report from the Grey Road

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