Wrath of the Righteous

putting to rest

one way or another

The doul demon was a disgusting hybred between angelic features and demonic, connected at the back. Its demonic hand held a long blade to strike down foes. It attempted to use its spell like abilities but was quickly subdued over a 100 ft pit with the evil snoring swings from the Flying Bram, and the wall crawling paws from the morphed Jaroo. Atiasi had a difficult time crossing the flow of lava, but was able to get a mythical shot of his feared scorching ray. With the room cleared, they inspected the crystal the priest was lounging on. It was more than just a large chunk of crystal, but held the remains of an ancient priest of Erastil, “Dalemere”. She was draped in fine chain, and a bow across her chest. A talisman around her neck, and boots on her feet. The group are not grave robbers, so they said their good byes to the priest at rest, and left the tomb. The priest Jesker, who the demon possessed, once the battle was done, slowly woke. He felt shame for his actions, even of they were controlled by the filth who was inside of him. He didn’t wish to continue on this mortal realm, but with the help of Atiasis words, and the support of the other heroes, he made it back to Drezen. There, the team found magistrate Kalfaren who had been left in charge during Irabeths absence while she looked for the missing Sturn. They petitioned him with a casting of atonement for the priest who was visibly relieved when the request was granted. Also, when the team found him, he was hearing from both sides of an apparent murder from our barbarian maiden, while defending the refugees from a group of merchants. Her rage cut one of them in two before the group dispersed. She immediately turned herself over to to the guards, but was placed in the dungeons once more. Atiasi went to horgus, who was now the cities prime merchant, to discuss the feeling of the city, and more specifically, the merchant community. He was powerless to easily change their minds, and would be removed from his seat if he tried to get them to drop the charges. With the suggestion from atiasi, and a donation of a thousand gold pieces, he would begin to grease palms, and entertain others to begin to sway the crowd. With the mechinations in place, both Atiasi and Jaroo decided to make their way to make their way back to Kaneabres for commerce of their own. Their stock pile I’m magic arms and armor have been growing, and an item that Jaroo wanted was outside the ability of the fledgling city of Drezen to procure. Both took flight, Atiasi on the back of his frost Drake, and Jaroo in the guise of an Air Elemental. They left behind Khan, and Bram, as neither could fly all the way back. Khan was left in the wilds to frolic and hunt, and Bram used his time to continue study of the world wound. The first night, Bram dreamed of Dalemere. She woke within the crystal tomb. She rose from its confines, shattering the crystal which encased her. She stripped her armor off, leaving only her cotton burial smock. She folded her armor, placing the bow, and talisman upon it. Dalemere smiled her thanks, then once more took her place in rest back in the crystal. When he woke, he knew the items had become freed for him. He requested a detachment of knights from Magistrate Kalfaren. The magistrate granted his request, and made one of his own. To defend the Barbarian maiden Jesker in a court of Law. Once Bram retired, he would indeed defend her. Drezen may be a fledgling town, but it still required order, and as a Paladin of Abadar, he would seek justice for the actions of Jesker. The ride to Dalemeres tomb was swift. There were no patrols of Baphomet to bar their way. Inside the tomb, on top of the crystal sarcophagus, were the items were laid out as they were in his dream. A suit of fine celestial chain mail, a twice magiced long bow built for great strength, and the Talisman. A minor artifact which drew down evil spell casters into a pit of fire for ever. It only could be used once more. With the gifts in hand, they quickly made their way back to Drezen to prepare for the trial.

Once back, the city was a whirlwind of trial preparation. A scaffold was built for hanging Jestak, by the merchant guild, and other signs were for her unconditional release. All was ordered in its display. If one would fight for the city, but break its laws, there is no leeway. A trial would be held, and the outcome left to the tribunal.
Bram was dressed in his formal ware to defend the actions of Jestak. The other minister argued the laws were broken. The arguments rattled back and forth for the day.
Once closing arguments were heard, the judgement was handed down. Jestack was found guilty of killing a merchant who drew a knife. Her skills as a warrior far outweighed the merchants lack. And since this was a city of Law, taking matters in your own hands is not authorized.
Rather than putting her to death as the wishes of the merchants, and the deads family, she would be banished. Not just banished, but set upon the path of redemption to still fight for Drezen.
She took with her, her great adamantine blade, and armor, but a book of abadars laws, and Iomedaes letters of justice. Bit she would not be allowed to step in Drezen again upon pain of death.
Magistrate Kalefran dubbed it, “the long walk to redemption”. A new punishment for those who have proven they wish redemption for their past transgressions, who slipped back to their old ways.

Meanwhile, to the east in Kanebres, Atiasi and Jaroo walked the city inspecting its reconstruction. Its walls were rebuilt, and city was once more cleaned, but there were large areas still scorched from demon fire, and scarred from their raking the ground. Whole swathes of city were still without its buildings that were destroyed, but slowly were being rebuilt.
Atiasi was able to make his way home to where his parents lived. The house was still standing. Somehow, the demons left this small section standing.
“A good place to rest before we make our way to the city council.” He said.
Jaroo nodded in agreement.
Beaverach stayed in the stables of the house, and Khan slept with Jaroo in the spare bedroom.
That night, Atiasi walked the home of his birth, casting mend, and prestidigitation to help repair, and clean as he walked.

The following morning, they made their way to the council. The heroes were welcomed with open arms. They described their time in the world wound, the progress of Drezen, and their need of selling their gains other than those being redeemed by the redemption forge.
There looked for an Amulet for Jaroo to enhance his ability to bypass the demons ability to shrug off damage. It would make his attacks make his claws as cold iron, and goodly aligned to cause divine damage more.

Along with the sale of gear, they also picked up some scrolls to turn people back from stone as there have been some statues spotted along the grey road. A couple other trinkets were purchased to help with their travels.
Also a few bits and pieces as a reward for Beverach becoming Atiasis mount. His goal is to no longer have to charm the Drake to gaurentee loyalty.

Days later, once Jaroos item was created, they were able to make their way home.

Their arrival to Drezen was a sad one. Their companion Jestak was already gone. Perhaps in their travels they would encounter her again, but the law must be upheld.

A report also came in from Gnarl. A ruined town was passed by the Undead Staunten vaign. Then to the shores of the lake of the fallen sun.

We would follow to the town and investigate.

There, the town was mostly leveled. Few structures stood, and one unbroken. The crypt stood for the family… Firebelly. Firebelly! The brothers, or at least their family, had a hand in this town of Seskers Gully.

Outside the crypt, a swirling mist took the form of one of the firebellys ancestors. But he was human. How did a Dwarf rate with Human ancestors?
Alrys Firebelly screaming in rage. A demon was blocking his rest. He is cursed because he was never placed in the chalk of eternal slumber, and now a demon was feeding off of his anger, and hate.
Of course the heroes would place his remain where they were needed.
Arlys warned that there was a demon below. One which wielded a nasty battle axe.
Once in the crypt, Bram began detecting for evil and Undead. Both were easily found. Behind doors, a pair of bodaks rose to attack. Once more, the team jumped to action. The Undead fell quickly to the might of Brams holy smiting, Jaroo also was able to lay waste with his new Amulet. And finally, rays from Atiasi put the creatures down for good.
Further into the crypt, they found the demon who quickly disappeared and reappeared behind the team in a hall, blocking their way.
Atiasi using his new heavenly wings flew past the creature to gain distance, when both Jaroo and Bram stepped up to join the combat.
Atiasi attemped to fire his tried and true scorching rays, but was thwarted while he was in a zone of silence. Further he flew to exit the zone.
The martial duo began ripping the beast apart. Very little could stand to the onslaught of holy might of them. And once Atiasi was able to get to an area outside the zone of silence, more heavenly arcane might rained down.
Once the demon was sent back to the abyss, the paladin began reading their last Hallow scroll.
Arlys felt the passing of the demon, and was relieved. Once the crypt was cleansed with the Hallow spell, his vissage of rage was replaced with calm. He could see his reward in the afterlife. His last act was to send a beam of light to a broken down church of Torag. A small section of ground glowed. The companions dug in the area and uncovered a stash of holy relics. One was a great holy maul which seemed like it was made for Utinar specifically.
Now that the town was cleared, the three made their way back to Drezen.
Once there, a disturbing report was waiting for them.



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