Wrath of the Righteous

Paladin's Journal

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Journal excerpts of a disgruntled Paladin

Day One
We march from the ruins of Kenabres and a new found army of Knights. The sudden repulsion of the demon hoard gave us time to breathe. That was certainly short. Our new commander is a stout dwarf named Utenar Firebelly. Not sure what to make of him, he approached our unit today in an attempt to get to know more about us. Our attentions quickly turned to scouting reports of Valis Gift being razed. It was. We camped by the river Sellen.

Day Two
Nothing to report. The march was progressing smoothly. It is as if the demons had some better thing to do than harass a hundred man army poised to strike back. I like these easy days. Too bad they are not all like this.

Day Three
The fighting was fierce on the ford. Our unit took initial advantage with our longbows upon the enemy. Although unfortified, they were ready for a battle. We took our punishment and returned three fold. There were casualties but enough healing kept them moving, if not missing a few digits. A bit of a commotion at the command post and subsequent speech by the master dwarf indicated that we had a traitor run from camp. I inquired about the reason why but that was not needed when asking for the traitor’s death. Those easy days are about to eat troll shite.

Day Four
Nothing remarkable but the feeling of dread we will soon be in the wounded lands.

Day Five
It was a lucky day. We faced down a army of tiefllings and dretches in relative ease, the battle lasted less than an hour. Our Marshal commander had enough thought to keep the bulk of us alive. There is nothing here though for us but the dry canyon that was one the Abarhi riverbed. A perfect road to a dead end called Drezen.

Day Six
It hit us. A haboo with winds that sandblasted our shields and entered every crevice in our skin. I do not think it has dawned on some of the men, but there was no sign of the traitor that fled. She likely fled to Drezen. If she made it, our welcoming committee will be less forgiving than a hurricane. We did not make it far today either. Sosiel will not give me a straight answer on our reserves but we have to be at least half way through with a siege before us. The commanding officers have decided to investigate a chapel on the cliff edge. It seems like a penance investigate for blessings. Not much good that will do us, the same as always.


This guy is WAY too negative. Like we need another Emo Paladin:-)

Paladin's Journal

That’s not Sturn. I think Friblip O’Maggarty, one of the junior paladins in the army itself, wrote it.

Paladin's Journal

We should send him back with a progress report. No need to poison the rest of the troops his negatively.

Paladin's Journal

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