Wrath of the Righteous

much treasure

to be sold

Celestial armor 22,400
2 composite long bow (4 str) 8500
Talisman of Pure Good. 1charge left. Artifact
+2 vicious battle axe 18,300
7 evil outsider slaying arrows 15,974
Horn of goodness/evil. 6500
3 doses of incense of meditation 4900
Rod of the python 13000
+4 cold iron maul. 34300
+2 corrosive scythe 18300
Wand of of stone skin 22 charges. 14740
Mithril scale male +4 20,000
+3 cold iron evil outsider bane long sword 34,300
Belt of dwarven kind. 14900
+1 frost rapier 8300
Boots of elven kind. 2500

10,000 in coin and gems

I believe we gave the talisman of pure good to Bram,
I think the horn of goodness/evil would be fitting in Brams possession, and the incense of meditation would be good for Jaroo. I know Jaroo wants the boots of Elven kind. There are a few things Atiasi would like… wand of stone skin. As to the rest, sell, unless there is anything else someone wants.
however, if we sell it all, then that would be 128,457 in coin to split between all of us.
speak up if there is something else you’d like from the stash.


…and a chainsaw of bloody dismemberment.

much treasure

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