Wrath of the Righteous

A Story Where No One Dies

elsewhere in the Worldwound wilds...


Sturn Terrasmyn sat across from the small fire, admiring the perpetual twilight of the abyssal energies. It was luck that they happened upon solid ground, away from the squalor of Yathscar’s typical festering environs. He was longing for sleep that was not on a horse. Narah Dendiwhar, the Halfling, pulled first watch. She sat nearby the mad paladin also staring into the fire but not falling asleep. The land was dangerous but she felt they could chance the flame, hidden in a slot canyon. Her thoughts though drifted back to their first meeting. She felt the betrayal even more so now than before. When she was ordered by her demon masters to hide the demon blood and instigate sabotage. It was mercy that saved her, the mercy of the heroes. How she had grown in the few months with Sturn’s tutoring caused her to have nightmares and fear for all that she has done. It did not matter now. She was no longer under her demon masters. She was free to make her own decision. And she felt very likely she was following the mad man to his doom, something she very much was looking to stop somehow.



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